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3# GNU Social Contract Endorsement 3# GNU Social Contract Endorsement
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6This page collects endorsements and rejections of [version 1.0 of the 6This page collects endorsements of [version 1.0 of the GNU Social
7GNU Social Contract](gnu:social-contract) by GNU maintainers. The 7Contract](gnu:social-contract) by GNU maintainers. The endorsement
8endorsement period *will end on February 24th, 2020*—see the timeline 8period *will end on February 24th, 2020*—see the timeline below.
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11# Endorsements 10# Endorsements
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@@ -35,4 +34,18 @@ The following maintainers endorse the GNU Social Contract, version 1.0:
35 - *February 11th, 2020*. This page is created. 34 - *February 11th, 2020*. This page is created.
36 - *February 24th, 2020*. End of endorsement period. 35 - *February 24th, 2020*. End of endorsement period.
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37# Background
39The goal of the GNU Social Contract is to state the core values GNU
40maintainers who have endorsed it are committed to uphold. It is both
41an agreement among us, GNU contributors, and a pledge to the broader
42free software community.
44Additionally, we think it can be a first step towards formalizing a
45transparent and collective governance of the GNU Project.
47This initiative is not supported by Richard Stallman. Nevertheless,
48we consider it a legitimate action by and for GNU maintainers to
49collectively define the core values we believe GNU stands for.
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