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3Dear GNU maintainer,
5You are receiving this message because you are listed as responsible for
6a GNU package in the ‘maintainers’ file on If you
7think this is inaccurate, or if you no longer want to be contacted about
8this initiative, please let us know about it.
10The authors of this message have started an effort to devise a GNU
11“social contract”. We hope the social contract will help build a shared
12understanding of our mission as part of GNU.
14Work has been on-going on the public gnu-misc-discuss mailing list since
15October 2019, with comments from several GNU volunteers, in the “GNU
16social contract” threads below:
23A first draft resulting from these discussions is attached below and can
24be seen at:
26 XXX ( URL)
28The goal of this document is to state the core values GNU maintainers
29and uploaders and contributors who have endorsed it are committed to
30uphold. It is both an agreement among us, GNU contributors, and a
31pledge to the broader free software community. Additionally, we think
32it can be a first step towards formalizing a transparent and collective
33governance of the GNU Project.
35We are sending this message to all the GNU volunteers responsible for a
36GNU package for which we have the contact information so that they can
37take part in the making of the GNU Social Contract. We hope you can
38share this with other members of your project for the next step (see
39below). The proposed timeline is the following:
41 1. By February 9th, 2020, we invite you to send feedback about the
42 draft GNU Social Contract to (you first
43 need to subscribe at
44 <>).
46 Please introduce yourself as GNU maintainer. Note that up to XXX
47 maintainers might contribute to the discussions; make sure that
48 your contributions are focused and to-the-point. Alternately, you
49 can choose to email your feedback privately to <>.
51 We also encourage you to discuss this topic on your project’s
52 channels during that time to get some feedback whether other
53 members would be willing to endorse the GNU Social Contract or
54 would like improvements to the text before doing so.
56 2. On February 10th, we will upload an updated version of the Social
57 Contract, version 1.0, to XXX ( URL).
59 3. We ask you to send a message, by February 24th, preferably signed
60 with your OpenPGP key, to and
61, containing one of the following statements:
63 • I, maintainer of package X, endorse version 1.0 of the GNU
64 Social Contract, available at XXX ( URL).
66 • I, maintainer of package X, do not adhere to version 1.0 of the
67 GNU Social Contract, available at XXX.
69 4. In the following days, we will publish at XXX the list of GNU
70 package maintainers who endorse as well as those who reject version
71 1.0 of the GNU Social Contract.
73One of the next action items we may collectively undertake at the end
74of this process is defining “membership” in the GNU Project. This, in
75turn, will allow us to ask all the project members (including sysadmins,
76web masters, developers) whether they would endorse the GNU Social
79Thanks in advance for your participation!
81 - Ludovic Courtès
82 - Andreas Enge
83 - Carlos O’Donell
84 - Mark Wielaard
85 - Andy Wingo