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1title: Launching the GNU Assembly web site 1title: Launching the GNU Assembly web site
2date: 2021-04-16 14:00:0 2date: 2021-04-16 14:00:00
3author: The GNU Assembly 3author: The GNU Assembly
4--- 4---
5 5
@@ -11,6 +11,69 @@ developers of GNU packages who are all “hacking for user freedom” and
11who [share a vision](/en/documents/social-contract) for the umbrella 11who [share a vision](/en/documents/social-contract) for the umbrella
12project. 12project.
13 13
14Truth be told, this is an old story finally becoming a reality. Almost
15ten years ago, Andy Wingo (of GNU Guile) emailed GNU maintainers:
18From: Andy Wingo
19Subject: [gnu-prog-discuss] An experimental GNU Assembly
20To: gnu-prog-discuss <>
21Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 19:32:09
23Greetings, GNU maintainers.
25At the last GNU Hacker's Meeting in Paris, we talked a lot about the
26social structure of the GNU project. There was broad consensus that the
27GNU project would be healthier and more effective if GNU maintainers had
28the ability to act collectively, beyond our capacities in our individual
31This mail is an attempt to take concrete steps in that direction. I'm
32trying to reflect the consensus we reached in Paris, though the words
33are mine only.
35In brief, I would like to propose an experiment: the creation of a new
36forum for collective decision-making in the GNU project. This "GNU
37Assembly" (or whatever we call it) will discuss topics relevant to the
38GNU project, with the goal of producing technical recommendations
39through a process of consensus-building.
41The major organ of the GNU Assembly will be a new mailing list, with
42public archives. The details of the discussion and
43recommendation-producing structure should be worked out on that list.
45Ideally I would like for all core GNU contributors to participate in
46this experiment. Following Debian's example, GNU Assembly members
47should first agree on a founding document of principles. This document
48should be short and sweet: something about the four freedoms, preference
49for copyleft, and mutual respect among assembly members.
51Please give your reactions on this list. Eventually this discussion
52should be archived publicly, so please start a new thread if you do not
53want your message archived on the new list, and mark it as such.
55If there is agreement, I would like to start work on a draft Social
56Contract within the week, and open a new mailing list
59Let's give it a go!
61Yours in free software,
66Why this did not happen “within the week” belongs to the past;
67everything in this message describes our effort today. We came up with
68a [founding document](/en/documents/social-contract) last year through a
69[transparent discussion
70process](, followed by a [formal
72period]( The
73public [Assembly
75is where this group discusses.
14Currently, the GNU Assembly consists of maintainers and developers from 77Currently, the GNU Assembly consists of maintainers and developers from
15about [30 packages](/en/software)—old and young, small and big. You too 78about [30 packages](/en/software)—old and young, small and big. You too
16can [join us](/en/contribute)! 79can [join us](/en/contribute)!